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Mage Reborn

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A past she can’t remember. A future she can’t accept. Can she conquer fear in the face of darkness?

Six-hundred-year-old Hester loves the quiet simplicity of her sleepy village. But after centuries of administering helpful spells and eldritch remedies, her gifted kind fall victim to a cruel king’s slaughter. Somehow surviving the vicious onslaught, she wakes with little memory on a boat with a telepathic cat… and bound for battle in a distant land.

When her staff hits dry soil, Hester and her pawed protector enter a dangerous new world filled with potentially fatal magic. Defenseless against the sinister sorcerers on her trail, Hester has no choice but to trust a giant, an assassin, and a pickpocket for survival. But despite their brave hearts, she fears the motley band stands no chance against a growing army of malice.

Can Hester and her companions beat back the dark wizards, or will evil consume the once peaceful realm?

Mage Reborn is the first book in the sweeping Mage’s Odyssey epic fantasy series. If you like strong heroines, detailed world-building, and hope against impossible odds, then you’ll love Diane Greenwood Muir’s enthralling tale.