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I could tell you of the importance and benefits of journaling, but you’ve heard it (read it) all before, so I won’t waste your time here. You’d much rather read one of my books, right?

What I can do is offer some creative help. Now I love writing. I love writing out thoughts and memories. I love exploring ideas with a pencil and paper. Even if you don’t live for words, sentences and paragraphs, journaling can still work for you. Maybe you prefer lists or you are a doodler. Maybe you only remember to write things down once every blue moon. I can only encourage you to find creative ways to express your thoughts, explore ideas and solidify memories.

These journals are the first of many to come. While they aren’t necessarily connected to the Bellingwood series, I am already working to create some fun journals that draw from the books and characters many of you are familiar with.

Journals are available for purchase – paperback only – from Amazon by clicking on the buttons below. 

Five Year Journal

Why use a one-line-a-day, five-year journal?

There is something wonderful about taking a few minutes at the end of the day to reflect. If you don’t already use a journal, this is an exciting and easy way to begin. All you have to do is fill a few lines with what happened in your day. Write about the weather, your family, the restaurant where you had dinner, or even how late you slept. Write about frustrations, joys, and love. Write about special or even mundane events.

That’s all it takes. It doesn’t have to be profound, though it certainly could be.

After a year of writing a few lines each day, the fun of this journal begins. Patterns will become apparent or you might create new patterns. Maybe you and a group of friends went out on May 9th for dinner. What if you all decided to do it again the next May 9th, and the year after that? A fun tradition began because your journal reminded you of a fun evening. When a difficult day is on the horizon, this journal could help you better prepare for it by reminding you that you made it through to the other side.

Five years seems like a long period of time. But when we look back, we discover those days, weeks, months, and years have blown past us. If we capture a few moments each day, we see just how important those years were in our lives.

Begin today. Begin on New Year’s Day. Begin on your birthday. But begin. Your journey is important. Your life is special. 

Capture Your Memories – A Journal

Capture Your Memories in this little journal. It offers a great deal of flexibility, as you can write when you wish and simply date the entry. Prompts to encourage your memory are scattered throughout the journal along with pages for you to be creative, whether you draw, doodle, write or use them to paste in memories or photographs.

Books are Life: A Reading Journal

Books are Life! Those of us who consume them find that reading is nearly as important as breathing. In this journal you will find room to record your favorite authors, series and even quotes from your favorite books. Pages to record important information about the books you read also offer prompts that will encourage you to dig in and think.

Find Joy: A Gratitude Journal

Find Joy through gratitude. With room to write at least five things each day that you are thankful for, you can begin to experience the transforming power of gratefulness. Prompts throughout the journal encourage you to dig more deeply into things often overlooked.

Don’t be confused by the fact that one side is upside down. If you print this on a single sheet of paper and tape the bottom closed, it will work perfectly. If you print it, flip it over and print on the back, you will end up with two calendars that you can cut in half. It’s all joy!