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If I Could Give You Anything

If I could give you anything, it would be encouragement, so that you believe that you …

… are actually made in God’s image.

… can do anything because He strengthens you.

… are better than what the world says you about you.

… are worth the time that people invest in you.

… are in the time and place that God has chosen for you.

… are beautiful.

… are going to make it through whatever you are dealing with.

… are loved by so many, and yes, me too.

… are bright, witty and capable.

… do not have to listen to self-doubt.

… are surrounded by friends that want more for you than you realize.

… have been given a talent. If you don’t know what it is now, you will someday.

… glow when you find joy.

… will soar when you finally believe in yourself.

… are loved in so many ways by so many people.

… are the reason that Christ gave His life. He loves you!

If I could give you anything, it would be the knowledge that you are a most amazing creation of God. Live like you know this!


I wrote this in 2009. And still … I’d like for you to know all these things. – Diane