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Bellingwood FAQ

You have questions. I have answers. It’s what I do. 1. When will the next book be published in the Bellingwood series? I hate to admit how systematic my life is. Things are always better when a plan is in place. At least for me.

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Brain Dump

When my schedule isn’t on a do-or-die deadline, I actually have extra synapses available to write blog posts. As much as I love that, the last couple of days have been a bit unfocused. Today’s the day to recapture my brain (I had an image of

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Something Fun – Journals!

In Saturday morning’s email newsletter, I introduced you to a new product I’ve created – Journals. This is one of the most exciting things I’ve done in a long time (outside of writing Polly’s stories). You see, I absolutely believe in the power of the

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