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Book 9 – Pages of the Past

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If Valentine’s Day is coming, Bellingwood should be filled with hearts and flowers. That isn’t true for one of the town’s strongest couples. Polly is shocked when she discovers that Aaron and Lydia Merritt are in trouble. They’ve been her rock for two and a half years and now, things are a mess. Lydia is at a loss, Aaron has become silent and moody.

To top it off, the dead man didn’t wait for Polly to find him, he was killed right beside her. She insists that his death has something to do with Aaron’s behavior, but the Sheriff’s Department doesn’t want to listen. That means Lydia has to bring in the big guns – Aaron’s older sister. Helen Oswald is a force to be reckoned with and she can handle her brother like no one else.

Too much time has passed since Lydia, Polly, Andy, Beryl and Sylvie spent an evening together and it’s time to christen Sylvie’s new house. No one wants to miss a party with these women and the time they spend together reminds them why they are friends and brings laughter to everyone.

Polly’s family continues to grow as we meet new characters and learn more about old friends.

The paperback also includes the short story “One Perfect Honeymoon.”


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Book Description:

This book contains four very short (1500 words each) vignettes written from the perspective of characters other than Polly Giller. In the first, Doug Randall and Billy Endicott discuss changes that happen to young people of a certain age. Vignette #2 is a sweet story about Nate & Joss Mikkels and the big life changes that comes from wanting a large family. The third vignette focuses on Sal Kahane and Mark Ogden and finally Vignette #4 is a playful glimpse of the relationship between two brothers – Andrew and Jason Donovan.

Since the Bellingwood series is written from Polly Giller’s perspective, unless she’s with someone, there are many moments in their lives that we miss. These short vignettes expose those moments. Look forward to more and more as the characters each look for a way to share their lives.

These vignettes were originally published on the nammynools.com website and in the monthly email newsletter.