Home of the Bellingwood Series – Nammynools

Book 7 – Tomorrow’s Promises

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Book Description:

It’s time to celebrate Polly’s wedding to Henry. Her friends from Boston are coming to celebrate and as soon as the party is over, she and Henry are leaving on their honeymoon.

In the middle of cleaning and preparing for her busy weekend, a man shows up. He says her father was his best friend in college and of course, we all know he needs her help. His nineteen-year-old daughter left home with a young man and they haven’t heard from her in two months. The family is pretty sure the girl came to Iowa, but he doesn’t have any idea where to start. Polly’s friends can’t believe she’s about to get involved when she has so many other things going on, but how can she say no?

The community of Bellingwood experiences a devastating blow and somehow a serial killer lands in town at the same time. At one point, Polly finally asks the universe why it seems as if her world explodes every few months. Let’s not tell her it’s because the author has come up with another story.

Great new characters are introduced and we get to know more about some of our favorites. These stories are told from Polly’s perspective, but she would always tell you that her friends are what’s important. They make her life worthwhile. Without them, the story of Polly’s life would be very boring.