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Book 5 – Life Between the Lines

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Book Description:

It finally happened. One of Polly’s guests dies. Right at her front door. Thomas Zeller, an author with a strong affection for Edgar Allan Poe, wakes Polly in the middle of the night with fatal stab wounds and she has to call the Sheriff, who threatens to buy her a Grim Reaper costume for Halloween. Zeller leaves behind a mystery for Polly to solve and she gets everyone involved as she uncovers his real motive for being in Bellingwood.

As if that isn’t enough, someone vandalizes Sycamore House and Polly can’t imagine who might be that angry at her. She and Jeff Lyndsay are preparing to celebrate the first anniversary of Sycamore House with a Masquerade Ball and Lydia Merritt decorates the large foyer for Beggar’s Night with a Haunted Hallway. With all of these things happening around her, Polly continues to meet new friends and build her relationship with Henry Sturtz.

Everyone we know and love returns in “Life Between the Lines.” Some of their lives get more complicated while others get more interesting. Kids grow up and new friendships blossom, but one thing they all discover is how important it is to have people around who will support you no matter what you need from them.