Home of the Bellingwood Series – Nammynools

Book 3 – Treasure Uncovered

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Sal Kahane, Polly’s college roommate and best friend from Boston, comes to Iowa to see what all the fuss is about at Sycamore House. The city girl has to keep an open mind in order to understand why her friend loves living among the cornfields. Polly’s relationship with Henry Sturtz, her contractor and friend, continues to grow. When he left town for a couple of months, she discovered how important he was.

Polly takes a risk on a new custodian with a mysterious background and farm thefts disrupt the little town. She finds herself worrying about locking things up again; something she had ceased doing when she moved out of Boston.

Things are never dull in Bellingwood and with the introduction of wonderful, new characters, Polly comes to a better understanding of herself and her relationship with this little town. All of the regulars are back with some stories of their own to tell.