Home of the Bellingwood Series – Nammynools

Book 17 – Marks in a Lifetime

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Book Description:

Polly Giller is having difficulty motivating people in town to dig into a mystery she uncovered at the Bell House. Finding two metal boxes hidden in an old fireplace mantle might change that. In fact, she’s about to insist.

In the meantime, life at the Bell House is never boring. The chaos of construction, moving, growing kids, life … there’s always something going on. Thank goodness for terrific friends and endless amounts of coffee. Even when she should be doing something else, Polly finds a reason to drop in at Sweet Beans Coffee Shop and Bakery. Sometimes all it takes is seeing a friend’s car parked in front.

Aaron Merritt and his deputies are trying to find out who is breaking into the homes of elderly women. So far, the thieves haven’t gotten to Bellingwood, but they’ve been in other parts of the county. It’s just a matter of time. Little do those men realize it, but Bellingwood is the last place they want to show up. This is a community where people watch out for each other, and once they hit Polly’s radar, she’s not afraid to create a little chaos of her own to stop them.

The townspeople are becoming a bigger part of Polly’s life every day. You will get to know many of them better in “Marks in a Lifetime” and, like Polly, you’ll fall in love with these fabulous characters.