Home of the Bellingwood Series – Nammynools

Book 16 – Memories for Tomorrow

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Book Description:

When school starts, life should settle back into a normal routine, right?

Not in Bellingwood and not for Polly Giller. Rather than normal or routine, chaos erupts all around her. The school year has just begun and her kids face upheaval in their personal lives, Henry’s parents lives turn upside down in mere minutes, and then, of course, Polly finds the body of someone whose life caused stress for her family and whose death could bring even more trouble.

Work on the Bell House will not move quickly enough for any of them. Hayden and Heath worked diligently all summer and it still doesn’t feel as if they’ll ever be finished. At this point, running water would be enough. The old building continues to reveal mysteries and surprises; things that don’t appear until the walls and ceilings have been ripped away. No one in town knows what it’s all about. This one might take some time to unravel.

To top it all off, Polly’s birthday is coming up. She doesn’t have time to think about that – not that she really wants to anyway. But even with everything that happens, family and friends are there to offer love and support.

Welcome back to Bellingwood.