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Book 13 – Unexpected Riches

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Book Description:

One of Bellingwood’s favorite characters is about to reveal more of her history. Beryl Watson comes from a long line of … well, interesting personalities, and once Polly finds a body buried in an old family cemetery, those ancestors and their stories are told. We find out how closely tied Beryl is to the founding of Bellingwood and are introduced to her present-day family.

The mystery of who was in the cemetery leads to a treasure hunt, while Polly discovers something incredibly fun about the haunted house she and Henry purchased just after Christmas. Her son, Heath, has to face demons from his past while his brother, Hayden, worries over decisions for his future.

Life never slows down in this Iowa town and the new coffee shop, Sweet Beans, has become an addiction that is difficult to shake. What could be better for frazzled nerves and high stress than a cup of coffee and something wonderfully sweet to eat?

Join the wonderful people in Bellingwood as they look to the past and the future in this latest adventure.