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Book 12 – Out of the Shadows

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In The River Rolls On, Polly Giller finds her life in utter chaos and her activity restricted. She doesn’t handle it well. There is only so much time she can spend inside her house before losing her mind.

Two old friends unexpectedly arrive in Bellingwood to return Polly’s freedom to her, but even then, every time she leaves, something happens to send her back to its safety.

Sheriff Merritt has a dilemma in the midst of this. A girl has been killed. Everyone knows that Polly will find the body. But how is she to do that if they won’t let her leave Sycamore House?

Her own personal turmoil takes a backseat to the story playing out in the back room of the addition. A few minutes with Sarah Heater, Rebecca’s mother, and Polly uncovers the deepest, most honest truths of life.