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When will the next Bellingwood book be published?
I received a rather major cancer diagnosis mid-November 2023 which messed with my schedule. I hate not having and sticking to timelines. However, I am still writing – especially now that the fog has lifted from my brain. The best way to know what’s going on is to sign up for my monthly newsletter on the Home page of this website. All information (including info about my health) will be there first! If you don’t think you know things – sign up for the newsletter!

Follow up question: Is this the last book? Tell me it isn’t so.
It is not. I have stories and more stories to tell about the folks in Bellingwood. When the series ends, there will be a clear announcement. No one will be surprised. Please don’t make assumptions. It won’t happen for a very long time.

Did I miss a book or short story?
Maybe. Check the full list of published books and stories at: https://nammynools.com/bellingwood-series/the-books/

Vignette collections are on the website. Look under the Extras tab.

Can I be a beta reader or ARC (Advanced Review Copy) reader?
Thank you for offering, but I don’t use ARC readers and have a full slate of beta readers / proofreaders / editors. The point at which these readers receive my manuscript is when I bare my soul to expose my story before it is polished. It feels risky and worrisome, so the trust I build with them is a big deal.

Oh no! I found an error! Do you want to know about it?
Yes. Please email me at nammynools@gmail.com with corrections. Don’t fret. We can fix it. Contacting me via email (nammynools@gmail.com) rather than calling me out publicly goes a long way. Being helpful and polite is also a bonus. You can’t imagine some of the insulting things people think are appropriate to say publicly and privately. Errors are errors, not a crisis or the end of the world.

Will there be other boxed sets? Why aren’t more books free? Why can’t I get a paperback boxed set?
The first nine books are available in Kindle boxed sets. As for free books so you don’t have to pay to read my work, this is my career … my livelihood. For ten dollars a month, you can get Kindle Unlimited and have access to all the books.

As for paperback boxed sets, nope. There is no feasible way to do this for as few as would purchase it. The box is expensive to create, then I would have to assemble and ship the entirety. You can purchase the paperbacks yourself from Amazon and create a beautiful gift package.

I can’t keep up with so many characters.
We are working to build a Compendium. For now, you can find a ‘Notes and Characters’ PDF file for each of the first six books on the book list page of my website.

This website also has hand-drawn sketches of Sycamore House and environs, a sketch of the Bell House, and a map of Bellingwood. Look under the MENU tabs at the top of the webpage.

You should do this or that with a Bellingwood story…
I told one reader that I am pugnacious about recommended story lines. If you push, it will never ever happen, no matter how awesome you might think that idea is. 

One of the most recommended story lines is that Polly gets pregnant. Nope nope nope. No matter that you believe the only way for a woman to be happy is to bear her own children, I fundamentally disagree. I try to be nice, but it takes something away from the character as well as from other women when you insist Polly isn’t fully complete unless she has a baby.

How can we connect online?
Email: nammynools@gmail.com
Website: nammynools.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/pollygiller Diane’s main author page for Bellingwood and everything else!

I am okay with you friending my personal FB page. Since it is personal, I don’t promote my books or business activities there often. My friends and family (and my cats) are my focus. If you have professional questions or comments about books, please use either of the above Facebook pages.

Facebook Groups. Other than the newsletter, these groups are the best way to connect with each other and with me. Everyone is welcome.

Bellingwood Readalong Group. We talk about the Bellingwood books and other books and reading and random stuff. Promotions and giveaways happen here. There are a couple of rules. Be kind and courteous – #bebellingwood. NO SPOILERS during the first two weeks following a book’s publication. I will delete the post or comment and shake my head in frustration at you.

Bellingwood Cooking and Recipes Group: Free PDF copy of the Bellingwood Recipe Book is available here. We talk about food. Seriously with the food, folks. Amazing stuff!

Have you written anything other than Bellingwood?
Look for more information under the Books tab on the website.

Mage’s Odyssey is my epic fantasy series. The first book is Mage Reborn (2019) and the second is Mage Renewed (2020). Three books are planned for the series.

The Abide With Me series is finally finished and will be published as a compilation for both Kindle and paperback. Abiding Love, Abiding Grace, Abiding Hope, and Abiding Joy. This will be available in April 2024.

I’ve created different types of journals, from the Five-Year, One Line a Day Journal, to the Creative Journal / Planner. I also have a book journal, a gratitude journal and a small memory journal.

Where can I find those awesome mugs and t-shirts?
Check out the Swag page under the Extras tab on the website.

Asking for reviews is tough for me. But man, oh man, are they important in an author’s professional life. If you would consider writing a review, I appreciate it. Go to the product page on Amazon and tell the world what you think. Thank you.

If you haven’t written a review for either Book 1 – All Roads Lead Home, or the first boxed set, those reviews are highly coveted by me. I use those two to advertise the series and the more positive reviews, the better. 

I have more questions. Do you personally respond to messages?
I can not begin to express how much I love this community. If you send an email to me at nammynools@gmail.com, I will respond as soon as possible. There have been a (very) few instances when trolls, nasties, and rude questions and comments come at me both on Facebook and through email. I rarely respond to those. Getting into a battle of words in an attempt to justify what I do or write only creates more problems, none of which adds to anyone’s peace of mind.

If you ask a question in a FB comment or post, please give me time to find it and respond. If you don’t hear from me in 24 hours, the notification system went blooey and I need a reminder. Eek!

Nammynools? What in the world is up with that word?
Blame my mother’s love of words and the subsequent messing up of them. Bunny rabbits = bun-rabs. Canines = pupper-dogs, rhinoceros was pronounced rhino-sore-ass (imagine how that messed with my head); the list goes on.

Consequently, her animals (including children) were naminals. I appropriated the word and tweaked it for my own use to nammynools. No one else on this earth uses that word for a website, FB page, email address, on and on. I get to be my own person.

Right now three furballs take up lots of my time. TB, my tuxedo kitty, showed up in 2011. Earl and Grey, my gray tabbies, joined us in 2015.


Should I sign up for your email newsletter?
This is the BEST way to learn everything you need to know. Sign up on the front page of the website (nammynools.com)

Newsletters are published on the third of each month. Each includes a short vignette. Book titles, cover images, book releases, swag, new stories. All are announced first in the newsletter. Changes in schedule, random information about publication, all of that – in the newsletter. Sign up today!

Tips for missing newsletters!
1. Put my email address (nammynools@gmail.com) into your email’s address book / Contacts list / whatever. I know it sounds like soooooo much extra work, but it’s a game-changer.
2. BOOKMARK one of the newsletters. Then you can click through and check the archives to find old and current newsletters. And look, you can also re-read old vignettes. It’s all out there!
3. Check your spam folder. For Gmail addresses, check your promotions folder.
4. If you leave a random complaint comment on someone’s post, I may miss it. Whining fixes nothing. Send me a message if all else fails. I’ll get you fixed up.

Your book is missing pages. did you mess something up?
No. First of all, people have already downloaded the book. Secondly, I’ve been doing this for years. I’ve got this. The data between your Kindle and Amazon has been corrupted. Delete the download and try again. If you have further issues, please reach out to Amazon for assistance.

Why are there no audio books?
There is an audio book for All Roads Lead Home. Honestly, the process was horrible and the thought of doing it for 30+ more books is terrifying. One day I’ll come up with a great solution and will deliver like crazy.

Are books only available through Amazon?
Right now, the only option for purchasing Bellingwood books is through Amazon. If you MUST use a different vendor, contact my friend, Susan, at The Book Shoppe in Boone, Iowa. She carries signed paperback copies and will ship. Phone # (515) 432-2556

Are your books available on Kindle Unlimited?
My novels are all available on Kindle Unlimited. What a fantastic option for readers. Whether you purchase a book or use KU, you support me. 

Are paperback copies available for your books?
Yes. They can be found on Amazon.com, right there on the same page with the Kindle book.

Why can’t I find the pre-order?
I don’t do pre-orders. Because I publish so many books during the year, my tight publishing schedule doesn’t allow time to follow Amazon’s ruleset regarding pre-orders. The moment I publish a book, it is available. Release information is everywhere – the newsletter, Facebook, and Facebook groups.

I can’t purchase your book; I can only download a sample.
While you can read books on Android phones, you must purchase them using a different method.

Why can’t I find your book when I search Amazon?
Please use the links I provide on Facebook or in the newsletter. It can take up to 72 hours for Amazon to get everything into its search engine, even though the books are available. If I’ve told you it’s available – it’s available. No whining.

International links
As soon as a Kindle book is published in the US, it populates to the international Amazon stores.

Pro tip: You can find it using the US link. Simply replace the amazon.com portion of the address with your store’s address – amazon.co.uk or amazon.ca, etc. Just the amazon.com part. The information following the slash is the identifying number for the book and is universal, no matter the store.