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Hemmed In

One of my favorite Psalms (I have about 150 or so) is Psalm 139. Last night as I worked on falling asleep, I giggled a little.  I sleep on my side and Earl’s new favorite spot is right in front of me, tucked up close, using my body as a pillow for his head. Pretty stinking cute. But the best thing in the world is TB asleep against my back. What an amazing feeling. Since the day that boy came into my life, the minute he snuggles against me, I relax into sleep.

Anyway … as I fell asleep with the boys tucked in against my front and my back, and Grey asleep on the pillow beside me, I smiled as I thought about Psalm 139:5 “You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me.” See, Grey puts her paw in my open hand when she sleeps. It’s the cutest thing.

I could do a whole sermoney thing on this, but nah. I’d rather point you to Psalm 139 and let you find your own sermon. Not that I don’t have plenty I could say, but today’s not a day for preaching. At least not from me. This is why all those people who told me I should go into the ministry were wrong. Any good preacher would tell you that every day is a good day for preaching. Me … there are days when preaching isn’t necessary. 


It is a great day to tell you about fantastic books. 

I have reduced the price of my first boxed set (Books 1-3, plus the Christmas short story) to $0.99. I’m not going to make a big deal out of THREE GREAT BOOKS for less than a dollar, but it’s true. I’m going to leave it at that price for the foreseeable future.

More people than ever before are looking for a great read that won’t keep them awake at night (except to read). Tell your friends.


While you, your family and friends are looking for things to read, my brother, Jamie McFarlane, (click his name to go out to his website) has written some great books. His Privateer Tales series is one of my favorites (rollicking space opera-type stuff). He has also written a fantasy series, Witchy World, and a thriller mystery series, Henry Biggston. 

His latest sci fi is a fun series features a grumpy old Vietnam vet who runs a junkyard. From May 7-14, he is offering the first book in the series, Junkyard Pirate, for $0.99. He just released the second book, Old Dogs, Older Tricks. I love all of his books and would recommend that you try them all.


My next recommendation is Rebecca B’s world (click to go to her website to find links for all her books). She has a series of children’s books set in The Bugaboo Forest. These little characters climbed into my heart and there are many more to come. She started with Frederick the Caterpillar, who isn’t ready for change. Then, there’s Trini Bee, a sassy sassafras bee who isn’t fond of sitting quietly in the background. Next up will be Preston the Ant, who never says I Can’t.

Rebecca has also written books to remind the rest of us that we are more than the world says we are. Her You Are All The Wonder is filled with glorious images and thoughts. Allow these words of encouragement into your soul before you fall asleep. You Are My D.E.Light is a fantastic book to give to the person who has been your anchor and support. The third book, The World Is Your Oyster is for hearts of any age. This book will become a favorite. Just released, it is a perfect gift for graduates (Kindergarten and up), those about to embark on a new adventure, someone who needs encouragement, or for yourself. There is nothing you can’t do.


Book 30. I’m approaching the 2/3 mark. Right on target. Poor Polly. I’ve exhausted her again, but when I get hold of her, I can hardly help myself. The book will be out on June 25th. 

Mark your calendar for June 19 and the next Trivia Party!

The second book in the Mage’s Odyssey series will come out at the end of October.


Sunday night Facebook Live – May 10, 7:00 pm Central Time.

You can always view it later if you can’t be there right at seven


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