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One Week Later …

A girl spends three months preparing for a book release and then, wham, it’s out there and time to move on to the next thing.

If you haven’t downloaded That’s What Friends Are For, it’s available on Amazon for your Kindle right now.

Unless, of course, you are in New Zealand or Australia. Seriously! I have no idea what is going on with Amazon and why they can’t get the book into the Kindle store there.

I’ve been in regular communication with them about this and can’t get any better information today than when I first asked. There is some technical problem on their end (not yours, not mine) and they are trying to figure it out. I know y’all are frustrated. I wish I could flick my wand and it would be fixed. Just think, though … when you finally get to it, you’ll be that much closer to the December release.

Not helpful? Haha. I’m trying. I will let you know as soon as this has been taken care of.

For the rest of you who have already read the book and told me how much you loved it, thank you. I wish I could write as fast as you read, but alas … my brain has limits. Your words of encouragement mean the world to me, though. Thank you.

If you would consider writing a review of this or any of the Bellingwood books, I would be grateful.

What’s next here? More writing … of course.

Last night I finished the second chapter of Book 24. Bad things are already happening. I promise to get them fixed (mostly) by the end of the book.


Late September / early October is one of my favorite times of the year. We begin preparing for the holidays and bring out the blankets and sweatshirts. Lots and lots of blankets, in my case. If I have a strange addiction, it’s blankets. It doesn’t matter whether they are knitted, fleece, woven, quilted, heavy, lightweight, small or large. I have stacks and piles of blankets everywhere. My favorite store in Iowa? The Amana Woolen Mill. If I simply walk into that store, I feel all snuggly. Just so you know, I’ve never walked out of there without a new blanket. Ahhhh, it makes me happy just thinking about it.

Earl with his arm around Grey. These two are such snugglers.

The cats all snuggle in to sleep with me. When I’m having trouble sleeping, it’s not necessarily a good thing, but otherwise, waking up with three warm bodies beside me and on top of me (Grey’s favorite place to sleep) is pretty wonderful.

Did you know that the average body temperature of cats is 101.5 degrees and dogs is 102.5 degrees? That’s why having three dogs sleep with you on a cold night keeps you warm. Why do I know this? Because the first few times that TB crawled under the covers and turned my bed into a sauna, I had to figure out why. When three of them surround me, the thermostat had better be turned down low or we’re cookin’ in here.

Enough weirdness. I have to get busy. These chapters won’t write themselves.

Thank you again for a wonderful week! I love you all.


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