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Announcements and a Vignette!

The Bellingwood Trivia Night last Friday (the 14th) was such fun. Winners have been notified and most everyone has given me what I need to send out prizes. I truly have a blast with you all. Thanks for being part of this wonderful community. ~~~

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Family, New Refrigerator, and Pooped Diane

I took a two hour nap this afternoon. Because, well, wow. I was pooped. For the last several months, my brother and his family worked to schedule a weekend to camp here where I am in the middle of Iowa. They found a perfect time:

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Business – Not as Usual

It’s been business as ‘unusual’ this week. I have NOT been focused on work. Good heavens, I have gotten more normal nights’ sleep than I have in forever. And really long, extended periods of sleep too. Ahhhh, it’s been wonderful. Not so great for my

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