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Book 23 Cover, Boxed Set #3! And more …

When you’re in need of a good junk-purging, you might require a ‘Carol’ in your life. Fortunately, I have one and no, she isn’t available for general use. This sister is mine, all mine. She’s polite about it and never pushes, but when you look at your stuff through someone else’s eyes, you realize that maybe it isn’t necessary any longer. She’s (almost) always right.

Another thing you get when you end up with a Carol in your life is a lifetime friend who knows you much too well and doesn’t let you get away with much.

The third bit of fun you get from a Carol is non-stop interactive jabbering. Seriously, I think she walked in here yesterday morning, we turned the spigot on and the two of us didn’t stop jabbering back and forth until she finally crashed. It was eleven thirty. She was dead. I mean, she’d worked like an automaton all day. It was amazing.

So, yeah … this hermit had a day filled with chatter, craziness, fun, laughter, emptying (oh, no worries, I can fill those spaces right back up), and a sister.

Poor Max was here too. Do not EVER get stuck as the muscle in a two-Greenwood-woman party pack. You end up nodding and smiling a lot as you’re dragged in to do one thing, then sent off to do another. He probably appreciated the hour-long roundtrip to Boone to pick up supper. Ahhhh, quiet!



There are no new audio files up on my YouTube channel this week, but there are eighteen  already recorded – from Books 9-12. If you haven’t found them yet, go here.

More will arrive next week, but last week in preparation for Operation Carol Purge, as well as editing Book 23, creating the cover, and assembling the third boxed set, there was not a single extra moment available.



Oh, the fun that’s about to come our way with a new family who has moved into Bellingwood. I’m already hearing back from my editors / proofreaders that there’s a lot going on in this book. And there is.

The cover image is a photo taken by Max of the Nishnabotna River in southwest Iowa. I just loved it. I’m a sucker for flowing water. Rivers, waterfalls, ocean waves … pure beauty.

September 25th is right around the corner.

And I’m building the plot for Book 24 in my head right now. It’s going to be another fun book to write.



Available on Amazon right now!

Book 7 – Tomorrow’s Promises, Book 8 – Through the Storm, Short Story 8.5 – One Perfect Honeymoon, and Book 9 – Pages of the Past.

Most of you have already read these books, but if you would consider heading to Amazon to leave a general review of the series – maybe some more specific reviews about the stories, I’d love that. Thank you.

Reviews are so important. Good reviews help bump a book in Amazon’s ranking – it’s more than just about sales. At fifty reviews, Amazon will begin listing the book in newsletters and promotions. Reviews help others find books they want to read. And apparently, there’s a certain number of reviews that will get me a unicorn. I haven’t hit that number yet and I’d love a unicorn.




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