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Random Diane Updates

The other day, I ran to the post office and was surprised to have a few packages there. I knew they were all coming, just didn’t think they’d arrived yet.

I don’t know about you, but packages for Diane do not constitute a ‘wait-and-see’ moment. I am fully prepared to open them in my Jeep. I have my little knife right there, ready to rip into any recalcitrant tape. Okay, okay, if I’d been heading straight home, I might have been able to wait for fifteen minutes, but since I was out and about to run errands, there was no waiting.

My treasures sat beside me as I drove to Boone. I thought about what I’d received and got kind of emotional. What an incredible time we live in right now – where artists and their audiences can easily find each other and make a connection.

In my mail, I received a cupboard keep stitched by a friend (you should check out her Facebook page – Asbery’s Echoes). Rhonda is incredibly talented and I’ve purchased several of her pieces. I am totally addicted to amazing artistic talent. You know what? I cross-stitch and I used to really enjoy it. But Rhonda’s eye is so different than mine and she creates things I would never be able to dream of. What an incredible gift to be a small part of her world.

Then, the art book by Michael Whelan. I’ve been a fan of his since the mid-1970s. His art graces the covers of many of my favorite sci-fi / fantasy books. In fact, I explored new authors because the cover was done by Whelan. In my wildest dreams, it would never have occurred to me that I’d have access to something this special, but here it is, in my hot little hands. He spent years creating the masterpieces in this book and I will spend hours looking at them and enjoying his creations.

I’m astounded daily by the incredible art that is created around me. Things I would never have been able to see are right there in front of me thanks to the internet. I can connect in small ways with artists I appreciate. I can not only connect, but the opportunity to support them as they continue to create is there as well. Why would I not? I take great joy in their work.

As an author, I’m thankful to be able to connect in small ways to you. You support me in what I do and allow me to give voice to my passion. It’s all so exciting.


I’ve uploaded the vignettes for Book 11 – Look Always Forward to my YouTube channel.

Let me tell you, sometimes recording is a bit of a ridiculous chore with three cats in the house. I have to be careful of extraneous noises and generally try to record in between the instances of my air conditioner turning on. But the funniest was when I heard something odd in the background. Oh yeah, cats were eating behind me. Well, that was noisy. Guess I’ll re-record that section.

And then there’s Earl, who has to be involved in everything that happens. He is my curious, curious boy. Just about the time I’m ready to get moving on a project, there he is, sticking his nose into my space. So, I sit back and wait for him to move on. He always does after a little snuggle time.


Book 23 is moving right along. I’m well past the two-thirds mark, and last night Max gave me a series of photographs. One of them will be perfect for the cover. It’s hard to believe I’m here again. Yeah, it keeps coming round, over and over, and every time, it’s always a little surprising.

Things are hot and heavy in Bellingwood tonight. Crises happening all over the place and poor Polly doesn’t know where she’s needed most.


Don’t forget! Creativity Friday is coming up this Friday, August 17th. Gather up your stories and your photographs – vacations, Christmas prep and creations, back-to-school fun, summer projects, gardens, state fair entries, there is no limit to what creativity means. You all have it … I promise. Watch for the post on Friday. You’ll have until Sunday evening to respond.


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