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Day Off. New Vignette Audio. Book 23 Update.

That’s TB, hiding from the world. That will be me … starting now.

I’m kind of a zombie today. This week has been busy and evidently, that also means that sleep hates me. I swear I haven’t been ingesting any more caffeine than usual.

As soon as this blog posts tonight, I’m taking a day off. Girlfriend needs to quit thinking about the numerous projects going on and shut this brain down. It’s pathetic. I can hardly wait.

No, don’t be feeling sorry for me. Good heavens, I’m not looking for pity. We all work hard, we all do our thing. This is my thing and I love it. I’m fine and always will be. If you tell me to rest and take care of myself, it just makes me rebel and do other things. I was not an easy child to raise, let me tell you.


Five more vignettes are available on the YouTube page. One of them is the conversation between Luke and Leia, Polly’s cats. That made me laugh.

Cats are so awesome. Sometimes they are purring, snuggly, loverlies and then sometimes they’re bitey, mean brats. I have it all going on here and I wouldn’t change a thing. Okay, really, I’d like for that bitey thing to go away, but otherwise …

Book Ten’s vignettes were fun. The conversation between Jeff and Sylvie about work and how he nearly sabotaged his good fortune in Bellingwood happens in “All That Glitters.” Then, we find Stephanie and Kayla in their trailer. They have no idea how much better things are about to get for them in “Celebrate Good Times,” but they’re trying.

What’s a Guy to Do” made me laugh. Henry and his father discussing what to do about Mother’s Day. Sometimes we women make it so difficult on the men in our lives and then, when we don’t, they are confused. In “Good Morning, Sunshine,” Sylvie shows off her parenting skills. It’s always better to set the boundaries than have to be angry when your kids don’t do what you want. I’m glad Jason and Andrew are good kids.

The last vignette for Book 10 is “I Don’t Understand a Single Word.” I don’t know about you, but sometimes I wonder what my cats talk about when the three of them are hanging about. We might believe that dogs are smarter than cats because they learn more of our language, but Luke (Polly’s cat) believes that their language might be closer to ours and that’s why they understand us. Leia just thinks that dogs want to please humans more, a fact that Luke doesn’t deny. It’s too much work to obey.


I announced it in the last newsletter, so plan for Creativity Friday (weekend) on August 17th. Creativity takes on many aspects and I am confident you all can find something to share. Gather photographs and stories. We want them all. More information to come.


Book 23 is well past the halfway mark. (Release Date: September 25)

Even though I will always insist that none of my characters are based on people I know, I do take bits and pieces from those I encounter. One of the new characters who shows up in Book 23 is taken from a woman who was just the brashest, brassiest, best thing I’d ever met! Whenever I get a little lost as I’m writing her, I stop for a minute and think back to our time together and then write on. I’m so in love with strong, bright, brassy, well-spoken, and intelligent women. They are a blast to be around and so much fun to write.

Nearly all of my characters are fun to write. While you may not always agree with me about how I write them, well, okay then. I love that you care so much and are invested in what happens to them. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably have to repeat myself ad infinitum, but you must trust me. No one cares for these characters more than I do. They live in my head and constantly chatter at me.


Okay, Day-Off is about to commence. The movie, Avengers – Infinity War, has been sitting in my Amazon Prime library for almost a week, begging to be watched.

First sleep. Then movie.


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