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Time Goes By … Too Fast and Yet, Too Slow


This Friday (June 15) – 6-11 pm Central Time
On the Facebook Bellingwood page

We do this three times a year – in March, June, and September – as I get ready to publish the next book. It is such a wild and fun evening. Chat with me, chat with each other, answer questions (mostly from the first three books so there aren’t any big spoilers out there), and maybe win some prizes.

I have bean bag frogs, mugs, books, ebooks … lots of things to give away.

If you can’t participate Friday evening because you have a hot date (seriously, that’s either not fair or the coolest thing ever), you have until Saturday to go through and answer the questions. Winners will be chosen and notified Saturday evening.

You might learn things about Polly … or maybe even me. Whoops.

It’s one of my favorite things to do. I love hanging out with you all. If I get all of my work done for the week, there might be a glass or two of wine here. Now, what y’all don’t know is that I’m an absolutely silly drunk. My friends have been known to take me to a bar just to see what crazy things I’ll say. I’ve never gone full-Beryl on them … well, there was that one time. Haha. Everybody hush.


Man, I am going to have to clear my computer’s history and cache. I don’t know how many of you remember me writing about looking up spicy lingerie for a bit in Book 22, but that stinking history is still coming up to haunt me every time I wander around the internet.

Really … I was just checking the weather. Quit creeping on me, you crazy website. I’m glad there isn’t anyone around to see what I have, but this is embarrassing – even to me. I don’t want it!


We are getting closer and closer to the publication of Book 22 – Lessons In Hope. There are so many sweet and wonderful moments in this book as well as some tough things that need to be faced. Sometimes family is the best thing ever; sometimes family just makes life really difficult.

When I was young, Joyce Landorf, a wonderful Christian author and speaker wrote a book called Irregular People. She wrote a lot of great books, but that one struck home. Oh, how I loved that book. She wrote about those difficult people (often family members) who hurt you whenever you spend time with them. The thing is, you can’t avoid them. They come to family gatherings, they’re attend church with you, they work with you, on and on.

I didn’t intend to write about irregular people in Book 22, but when I reached the end, I realized that they kept showing up in the lives of my characters.

You can’t change the behavior of a person who never sees themselves as ‘irregular’ to others. You can only accept that this is reality and step beyond it or walk away from it, never expecting them to be different than they are. Fortunately, there are also so many others who love us and make us feel wholly accepted. It’s not fair or just, but then … you know what Polly says about that.

June 25th will be here before you know it.


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