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Bellingwood Vignette

Less than one week until the release of Book 22 – Lessons in Hope (Release date: June 25). I can hardly wait to get it into your hands. When I was young, I kept up a fairly regular correspondence with one of my cousins. I

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Time Goes By … Too Fast and Yet, Too Slow

BELLINGWOOD TRIVIA NIGHT This Friday (June 15) – 6-11 pm Central Time On the Facebook Bellingwood page We do this three times a year – in March, June, and September – as I get ready to publish the next book. It is such a wild

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Teasing … It Comes So Naturally

This morning, I taunted you with the news that I’d started writing Book 23. Yeah … I’m a meanie. I can hardly help myself sometimes. I grew up in a family that loved a long, lingering tease. And we weren’t really the type to just

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