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Book 22 – Moving Forward!

Wow. It’s Monday. What happened to Saturday and Sunday?

I collapsed. That’s what happened. Not literally, figuratively.

After five twelve-hour+ days of working – everything from GDPR changes on my website and mailing list stuff, to cover / title, Book 22 editing (three strong passes, plus a pass through on a printed manuscript), writing and prepping the newsletter – then an edit for another author – whoa, I was done.

Book 22 – Lessons in Hope – went out to my editors and proofreaders, so I have a few days to do things like clean my house, be crafty, and rest my brain. (Reminder: It publishes June 25th.)

But the fun thing is – my brain is starting to work again. It’s thinking about stories and characters and plot lines, oh my!


So when did you (or have you yet) become obsessed with weather?

I swear … I think about it, talk about it, write in my journal about it (only the extreme stuff – don’t want people in fifty years thinking I’m that much of a weather-dope). I look at weather maps and watch forecasts like a hawk. When did this happen to me?

Now, I know that some of it began ten years ago when I was on the road all the time, worrying whether winter snow storms would keep me pinned down or not. But seriously, Diane!

Right now I’m listening to thunder rumble while watching little storm cells grow up around me and fade away, only to find a few more growing. It’s entertainment.

I used to laugh at my father because he loved watching The Weather Channel. Have I become my father? Oh dear heavens, say it ain’t so.

I’m afraid it’s so.


Bellingwood Trivia Night is coming
Friday, June 15
6:00 – 11:00 pm central time

I know that this is summer and everyone takes off on the weekends for vacations and to go camping. We’ll miss you if you can’t be there, but there will be another event in September before the publication of Book 23.

If you’ve never experienced one of these, they’re just plain fun. It all happens on the Bellingwood Facebook page. Every half hour, I post a trivia question, usually from the first three books. There’s a prize attached to each question – handmade beanbag frogs, mugs, glasses, charms, ebooks, paperbacks. You are encouraged to cheat. All you have to do is find the correct answer and use it as your response. However, I expect that you take your punishment for cheating; you must eat chocolate (or something else you love).

There is no hurry for you to answer the questions. You actually have until Saturday evening when I start tossing all of the comments into my handy-dandy random selector box and pull out the names of winners. If you can’t be there Friday night and are around Saturday morning, just go through the questions and comment with your response. You’ll still be entered to win, just not part of the crazy fun.

During that evening, chatting with me while you answer questions is the best fun for me. I love getting to know you all better. Chatting with each other is also awesome. I love that you take the time to get to know each other, too. It’s Bellingwood, you know.


Don’t forget to click the ‘shop now’ button to be taken to the book list on my website. You’ll find the correct order – where the short stories fit – and for the first few books, you’ll discover a PDF link there with characters and notes from the books. I’m still working on these, never fear!

Okay, I’m heading back to see if these storm cells have helped the temperature come down. Guessing not. Summer has officially tossed spring out of the Midwest.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend.


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