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Book 22 – Boom.

I think this is it. I’ll finish Book 22’s first draft tonight. Right on time.

This week will consist of re-writes, editing, more re-writes, and then it’s off for the a solid round of proofreading and editing. I’ll also be looking for the title (why is this always so difficult for me?). I think I have a great cover shot. Max found one for me about a month ago and I’m in love with it.

The newsletter will arrive in your in-boxes on Friday with the cover / title reveal, the date for the summer Trivia Night, and a vignette. It’s hard to believe we’re here again. Time just keeps slipping (slipping, slipping) into the future. Any Steve Miller Band fans out there? Oh yeah.

Are any of you as surprised as I am by the fact that Memorial Day is next weekend?

When I was a kid, Memorial Day was the goal of my life. School was finished, summer vacation was in full swing. The swimming pool opened and I was free as a bird. I’d get on my bicycle every day and fly like the wind (there were hills, I loved them) to the pool, spending as much time as I could there with my friends.

Carol, Doris, Diane, Jamie, Margie

Summer was filled with fun family vacations. Mom and Dad took us to wonderful places to visit and brought us up to the cabin every summer.

I have to tell you, the first few hours of vacation were pretty awful. Dad worked hard to get everything we needed packed into the van and by the time we were on the road, he was stressed with all of it. But as mile after mile passed, we could actually see the stress drain off him. He left behind his worries and looked out to the fun we were about to have. The hardest thing was seeing it creep back as we approached home again. But that’s what life is about.

Margie & Diane

The year we went to Yellowstone is a favorite memory. We took along a foreign exchange student. She’d been living with another family in our church. We three kids adored Doris and when her host family asked Dad if he’d consider taking her so she could visit Yellowstone (and South Dakota), he agreed right away. Three adults and three kids? Sounds like a terrific matchup. Doris was such a good sport. When Dad vacationed – he camped. Now, we got cabins a few times, but we mostly lived in a very big tent. It was fantastic.

Our family traveled to many different places throughout the years, but that was one of my favorite trips.

What family trip do you remember fondly? Are you doing something fun this summer with your family?

I love those kinds of memories.

Okay, I need to get back to the story. I am so close. Beryl just needs to show up so I can get this thing moving.

Have a great week and be sure you’ve signed up for the newsletter so you don’t miss the news on Friday!

June 25th will be here before you know it.


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