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Halfway There

Illustration by Bec Schrieber

I hit the halfway point in Book 22 last night (release date – June 25). Because I tend to be highly goal-oriented, that’s one of those numbers that gets my blood pumping. So much has already happened in the story, yet there is so much more to come.

This last week, on top of writing, I’ve been digging through a large project. I completed it and kicked it out tonight. Between that, writing Polly’s stories and listening to Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files on Audible while sewing and making things, I have had a very intense week of … stories. My mind has been filled with characters and stories and all sorts of things.

To the extent that I have also been having the weirdest dreams. I desperately try to remember them all when I wake up, because oh my goodness, I’ve been thoroughly entertained. The only one that stuck out this week was the dream where I encountered a man who was completely normal, wore a business suit and a very nice hair cut … and was a cyclops. One eye in the middle of his forehead. No one thought it was weird. Well, that’s not true. People bullied and made fun of him because he was different, but it wasn’t like people thought he was a severe aberration.

When I woke, the thing was, it wasn’t the weirdest thing that had happened in the series of dreams I’d had … just another part of my mind telling stories to me while I slept.

I told my brother about the dream and then while I was thinking about it, I had to also tell him a story about when we were little. Of course he doesn’t remember it and the only reason I do was because he annoyed me. Isn’t that the deal when we have little brothers? Oh, the stories.

One morning at breakfast before we were all off to school, I was telling Mom about a dream I’d had the night before. I was probably in junior high. You know … when everything was important. Well, Jamie had just about had enough of my story. He was tired of listening to me and needed a turn. The next thing we knew, he was describing HIS dream – of a big blue monster that came into his room and did something or other.

Jamie was always a wonderful story teller. I don’t know if he’d really had that dream or just made something up to turn the attention to himself, but he spun quite a tale. I didn’t truly appreciate the gift he had at the time. Come on. He was my little brother. The only thing he was good for was lawn work and pummeling when he really annoyed me.

Thank heavens we grow up.

Illustration by Bec Schrieber

This week slows down a little. Hopefully the days won’t be quite as intense. Maybe I’ll sleep without dreams, but I hope not. I’m quite the adventurous spirit in my dreams. There are fascinating people, rapid-fire conversations, nail-biting action, chase scenes to rival anything on television … and it’s a muddled blur by the time I come fully awake.

(Yes … I do know there are ways to remember dreams, etc., etc. Not the point here.)


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Have a great week!


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