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An In-Between Week

This has been a weird week.

Do you ever have those?

It’s that caught-in-the-middle, between projects, starting projects, ending projects time. I get all disgruntled.

Illustration by Bec Schreiber

How do I fix it?

Well, there’s always kitty snuggling.

I create – you know – that crafty life I love.

Music. Do you ever feel overwhelmed at the incredible beauty of music – no matter the genre? What a gift we have been given. We get to HEAR beauty.

Books. Music uses twelve tones to create spectacular sound. Books are created by assembling twenty-six letters into words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs. Another incredible gift.

And I do write. But then I don’t write … because my brain is tired and loves being loosed to dream up crazy stuff.

Apparently, I create chaos, too. While I’ve spent months attempting to come up with better plans for my work space, nothing was right. Then yesterday I tossed it all up in the air and when it landed, I’d rearranged things. I should probably clean the rest of the place now, but who wants to do that? Not this girl. Blech.

The temperatures have been warming up here and that means the furnace doesn’t kick on quite so often. That brings silence. Pure silence. No birds singing or insects chittering because it’s still winter. Spring will be here soon. Silence. I could use more of that.

This weird week comes to an end today.

My editors / proofreaders have returned their annotated manuscripts and I begin the process of creating the final document.

We’re just a little over two weeks from publication and I am in love with the story. I can’t wait to get it into your hands.

Remember, Book 21 – A Heart’s Assurance, will be published on March 25th.


Friday, March 16 – 6-11 pm Central Time

Come prepared to have fun.

I ask questions, you answer them – by what you know or by cheating. I don’t ask the questions to test you, I just needed a fun outlet to interact and give away prizes before the book is published.

Show up on the Facebook Bellingwood page around six o’clock. Stay up as late as you can – and if you fall asleep before we’re finished, return Saturday morning to answer the questions you missed. You have plenty of time.

Oh, I can’t wait to hang out with you all. It is just a blast!


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