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Animals Change Our Lives

Sometimes stories absolutely destroy me and it’s all I can do to pull myself back together and move beyond what just happened. Then it’s all I can do to not send them every cent I have so the group can continue to do more of what they do.

Children (and adults) with autism wrench my heart. Not always because of what they face inside themselves, but often because of how the world disregards their needs in so many ways. And how difficult we make it for parents to bridge the gap.

I’ve never had difficulty learning – when I was young, I was the student the teacher asked to help with those who needed more time. I’ve never had trouble interacting with people – in school, the only negative remark on my report card was that I talked too much. The bullying I faced as a child was mitigated by an extremely loving home and parents who took time to remind me of my uniqueness and importance. I was incredibly lucky and the thing is, I always knew and appreciated that. I didn’t take what I had for granted.

But those children who look at the world differently than I do and have trouble making it all click are such wonderful people who need us to see them differently. They aren’t the easy children in the classroom … or in the home.

My sister, Carol, teaches fifth and sixth grade. She has worked with autistic children and all different types of parents of these children. From mothers who have completely given up and are just thankful to have the child out of the house for eight hours to families who are involved as much as possible in order to help their kids have a good life.

This story hit my feed tonight and wiped me out.

Amazing story. But then … the comments. From hundreds … thousands of others whose lives have been transformed by animals. I got through only a few before I could no longer read due to my tears.

Many of us know love that comes from having an animal in our lives. It seems obvious, doesn’t it?

Tell me how your animal makes your life different because it loves you. My cats allow me to work in the solitude I crave because they give me constant unconditional love.

This story touched me. There are a lot of kids who need … desperately need … a service animal to help them negotiate this crazy world. I need to help them.


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