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Full Moon … Writing Madness

Grey is on top here, but she and Earl are completely wrapped up in each other. Oh, my heart. I love them.
Grey is on top here, but she and Earl are completely wrapped up in each other. Oh, my heart. I love them.

I keep trying to reject the notion that the full moon doesn’t affect us around here, but just about once a month the cats lose their minds and I’m not far behind them.

Apparently, my rejection of the notion matters not.

Last night was insane! And uh, yeah. Last night turned into early morning. Thank goodness I don’t have to be anywhere during the day.

I was still trying to convince the cats that we should sleep at 6:30 this morning. Okay, okay … some of it was my fault. I was pretty wired up and didn’t even make the attempt until three o’clock. I actually managed to get two chapters written yesterday and my mind was spinning. But come on guys. At least bed time begins when it is still dark out. I say nothing about when it ends.

Sigh. We’re going to do better tonight. Even if the moon wanes just a little bit, we sleep more like normal animals. Don’t let anyone tell you that we aren’t all beasts, driven by natural urges.

I feel like I’m writing my heart out right now. There are parts of every story that just rip my heart out of my body and spray it all over the screen. And just to warn you, this is not the only story line that is going to do it to me in this book. As the story presents itself to me (like I have any control over these people), I take quick notes so that I know what will happen. Whether it is the next chapter I’m writing or one further down the journey, I just try to keep up.

The creative part of my brain gets excited at the potential for the story line, but the passionate part of my heart aches at having to write some of these things. (How are you feeling about Book 16 now?)

And just as a caveat – don’t try to warn me off doing anything terribly destructive to my characters. Surely you know me by now.

So … I’ve spent the entire day with my characters and the next part of the story. I suppose it’s time to actually get it written down.

And then maybe some extra sleep tonight. Just an hour or two. Please kitten-cats, help me out here.


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