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Oh … The Drama

It’s really quiet here right now. I feel like I should be doing something productive. The cats are all asleep … that will end as soon as I move, so I’m praying that I don’t have to go to the bathroom anytime soon. They are such good cats, though they’re none too happy with me right now. I’m not letting anybody out on the porch without me and for the last few days, I’ve been busy enough that I don’t want to spend time out there while they play.

As unhappy as they are, they don’t complain. They still love me and snuggle in with me whenever they can.

Speaking of snuggling. We haven’t done nearly enough of that the last few days. Heat and humidity in October. Yep … you heard me complaining. Loudly as a matter of fact. Oh, I sleep so much better in the fall! Ahhhh … return to me low temps at night. Soon.

Grey discovered my tiara (those are Earl's whiskers). Every drama queen needs a tiara. Right?
Grey discovered my tiara (those are Earl’s whiskers). Every drama queen needs a tiara. Right?

Are you a drama queen?

Okay, I tell stories, so you know that at some level I have to be. Right? Now, I absolutely refuse to be a public drama queen. There is nothing more offensive than someone whining and crying and making a scene.

Dramatics are all about gaining attention from a crowd and I hate that behavior. But I have a tendency to be quite dramatic … when I’m all by myself. Are you kidding me? Whose attention am I supposed to be playing for? The cats run away if I get too loud. There’s nobody else around. Even when Max is there, I save it until he’s gone. I don’t want to involve him in my silly behavior.

Mom and I used to have the LOUDEST fights. Twenty minutes of screaming and then we were done. Dad was actually grateful when the parsonages were nowhere near the church. There was that one funeral in the church that had no air conditioning on a hot summer’s day. The parsonage had no air conditioning either. He kept talking louder and louder, hoping the two of us would figure it out and shut up. We just wound down. Oh, there was a rather pointed conversation after that experience. Before I was around for Mom to fight with, she’d get into it with Dad. She tells the story of following him around the house, yelling at him while he just kept closing the windows.

But even still, when I am alone and something upsets me or freaks me out, I tend to get loud and noisy about it. I have never been known to suffer in silence. But then I stop and laugh at myself because I’m still trying to figure out whose attention I’m trying to get with my antics.

Mom read something decades ago about moaning. She read that it was good for you. It didn’t matter if you hurt or not, the vibration was good for your body and the sound was good for your soul. She moaned a lot. Maybe I’ve taken that to heart. I don’t like to hold my emotions in. I cry, I laugh out loud, I scream, I yell, I sigh, I flail my arms about, I throw temper tantrums, I gush, I hug, I do everything with a lot of drama. Maybe we’ll just call it passion. I prefer all of the positive emotions and try to stay within those all of the time, but there are those moments when I just have to explode, whether anyone sees me or not.

Okay … what about you? Do you silently fume or are you a drama queen. Do you need an audience or are you good to go all by yourself?


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