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Hiding from Mom

"Bookworm" by Vian at redbubble.com
“Bookworm” by Vian at redbubble.com

The kittens are out on the porch again, hoping that I don’t notice the door is still open. It just makes me laugh out loud. They actually trade off coming inside for food, water, and the litter box. One remains in place because they know I won’t shut that door.

When I was a kid, I remember doing the same thing … only it was reading a book in my room after my lights were supposed to be turned off. Somehow I thought my parents never knew. Oh, they knew.

Once I heard the first footstep on the stairs, I’d quickly turn out my light and jam my book under the pillow – long enough for Mom and Dad to come into my room, give me a quick kiss and say goodnight. The bad nights were when I forgot to take my glasses off. Whoops.

Then came the waiting … the interminable waiting. My bedroom was right next to the bathroom, so all of the traipsing back and forth occurred outside my door as my parents prepared for bed. Then finally, I’d hear the creak of their bed and the television in their room turned on. Whew. I’d grab my book, turn on the light and read until I heard the bed creak again. My mother never settled down. Good heavens.

Now, why did I not think to stuff towels or a blanket under the door to hide the light. What was I thinking?

Carol and I shared a closet in that house. In that closet was Mom’s cedar chest. Let me tell you, if I was really worried about them seeing my light, I’d flip the light on in the closet, sit down on the chest and read until I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

One night Dad caught me reading in bed using a flashlight. He didn’t scold me about being up late. No, he told me that I was straining my eyes. It wasn’t good for me to read in such low light. Why didn’t he understand that it was his fault? What did that man want from me? I couldn’t have my good light on because they’d catch me. Now I was in trouble for using a bad light? A girl just couldn’t win.

Now I realize he was just jealous. I watch young kids read in dim light and curse them and their excellent eyesight.

Earl just ran in, grabbed a few bites of kibble and when I turned around to say hello, looked up at me in a panic and ran for the front porch. Don’t worry sweetie, you have hours yet before I’m ready to go to bed.

…and now, TB has gone out to play. It’s a good thing the temperature is still nice. Winter is going to be interesting.

What was the craziest thing you did as a kid in order to read late at night?


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