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A Responsibility. A Freedom.

img_6265I can be a bit cynical about things sometimes. However, today I set that cynicism aside for just a few moments as I experienced gratefulness that I live in a country where I am given the power to vote for our leadership.

My ballot came in the mail today. I have been doing it this way for years now. I think of all those November Tuesdays when I scrambled between work and church events to find a few minutes to get to my polling place. It was never easy.

When I was in college, it was a big deal to order an absentee ballot, but these days, you don’t have to be absentee. You can just order your ballot to be mailed to you and then ensure it is sent back by Election Tuesday.

I opened the envelope from my Election Commission and two pieces of paper fell out onto my desk with instructions and a return envelope. I just sat and stared at them, in awe that this responsibility was something I was offered. For scores and scores of years, we have decided the leadership of this country as a country using peaceful means.

Now … as I wrote this tonight, it occurred to me that many of you will want to talk about the non-peaceful garbage going on in the news … or complain and whine about the candidates or whatever other negative response immediately comes to mind for you. Don’t. Just don’t. (In fact, I will delete and hide any negative comment that comes through – we don’t need that kind of stuff here.)

The power of our vote is important and today, for just a moment, I held a piece of history in my hands. It meant something to me to be given this opportunity. There are people all over the world who will never know this feeling. They’ll never know the freedom that comes with this responsibility.

No matter what, this was special to me today. Be sure to vote, whether you do so in November or via mail. It’s important for your voice to be heard.


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