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Happy First Year, Grey!

The other morning … one of those really chilly mornings (I still have a fan in the window, ahhhhh …). Anyway, the other morning I woke up feeling all snuggly. Why? Well, I was sleeping on my side with a cat tucked in behind my bent knees, another cat tucked in beside my tummy and Grey, my little floppy cat, lying on top of me. I had no idea she was even there – she’d snuck up while I was really out of it. I was so warm. We will be looking forward to those three cat nights around here.

Tomorrow we celebrate Grey’s first year in this crazy family. Her entrance into the house marks the beginning of a new level of insanity for me. But how could I say no? That little girl refused to stop crying for me.

Oh my gosh, it almost stops a mama's heart!
Oh my gosh, it almost stops a mama’s heart!

TB and I had been doing just fine. Or so I thought. But as I worked that afternoon, I heard crying. Insistent crying. I kept praying it was the call of some bird, but in the pit of my stomach, I knew that I was about to bring one more kitten into my life. So, I went searching for her. It took some coaxing for her to believe that she’d be safe with me. Oh … about five minutes. As soon as I got my hands on that grey little fluffball, tucked her against me, and brought her inside, both of us were smitten. TB wasn’t terribly upset by her. He was curious and interested, which surprised me.

And so began a new journey … two cats. I’d planned on bringing another cat in someday, but not right away. There’s always so much going on in my life. Another cat would only make it more … interesting. Well, I’ve certainly got interesting going on right now.

Just look at those beans … yikes, she slays me!

Little Grey is my smile. I’ve never known a more relaxed cat. Sure, she startles and jumps when something surprises her. She doesn’t love thunder and TB has taught her to be afraid of the UPS truck coming down the lane, but when she sleeps, it’s full-out sleep with all of her limbs sprawled out in comfort. She is the one who loves with abandon. Grey dives into a situation when she’s curious, but then lets Earl finish playing with whatever she’s found, sitting back and watching him enjoy it. She gives him confidence and he always protects her.

Of the two new kittens, TB really does love her. He tolerates Earl. When she nestles in beside him, he barely opens an eye. Sometimes she’ll get him going and the next thing I know she’s dashing for cover and he’s chasing her through the house. When he gives up, she calmly comes back out and walks right past him – no fear at all. As much as she loves to snuggle, she craves solitude. When I can’t find her, I go into the other room and look up high. There she is, in a place that only Grey can get to. Happy as a clam.

I’m so glad she showed up when she did.

She's trying to sleep and I woke her up so I could take a current picture. MOM, stop it!!
She’s trying to sleep and I woke her up so I could take a current picture. MOM, stop it!!

Now … to celebrate this, let’s talk about your animals. I’ve a couple of frogs to give away. Tell me about an animal that you love or have loved. You can do so in a comment on this blog or as a comment on this post on the FB page (no separate posts or emails please, those won’t get tallied in the final numbers). I’d prefer pictures – I mean, who doesn’t? Pets are the best. But if you don’t have a picture to share – words are always awesome.

You have until Saturday (October 8) around noon-ish (CDT). I’ll randomly choose two winners and announce it from there.

One more thing. All of my cats have showed up in October. I have stories about each of them. We’re going to do this same thing at least one more time – maybe two. That means you don’t have to post all of your pictures at once.

If you do want to post more than one picture, be sure to post it as a reply to your original comment. Otherwise insanity ensues. I hate insanity. Hah.




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