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Pitter Patter – Memories of my Heart!

0358a1b29d2627a25097c5be9fff7d13Heh. I just watched an episode of Frasier. At the very end of the show, Bobby Sherman (!!!) showed up. He was Roz’s childhood dreamboat. Yeah, even older, that face still made my young heart skip a beat. (My old heart told me that all I really needed was an ice cream sandwich.)

It makes me wonder sometimes these days if I’ve lost touch with the bigger world out there. Are there still a few young heart throbs? It feels like we are overrun with stars and celebrities. I can’t imagine trying to stand out in that crowd.

And maybe it was just as bad when I was young, but I only seem to remember the Monkees, the Beatles, David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, maybe Rock Hudson (good heavens, that man was gorgeous), Cary Grant, Elvis … though the last three probably were never on the cover of Teen Beat.

My mom never let me waste my money on those teen magazines. Talk about messing with a girl’s social activities. How in the world was I supposed to know what was happening with the world? (haha)

Who were your heart throbs and idols? Did you love the pretty boys or were you more attracted to the bad boys like James Dean?

I feel like I’ve finally hit the bottom of the post-publication slide. It’s probably time. And if I need the weekend, I’ll take it. I’m not sick, just seem to have a hole in the bottom of my give-a-hoot bucket. There isn’t anything left in there.

However, Polly started chattering at me again last night. We have a couple of chapters written, but now she’s giving me orders again. That’s the way I like it. Then I don’t have to take responsibility for what I’m writing.

So … tell me about your teen-aged celebrity idols!


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