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Wine & Trivia Winners

I just love this picture of Grey sniffing the flowers. So I'm sharing.
I just love this picture of Grey sniffing the flowers. So I’m sharing.

The two weeks before publication are just plain weird. Seriously. Nothing is normal. I’m focused on editing and anything that takes me away from that feels out of place.

Except for the Wine & Trivia night fun on the FB Bellingwood page. How wonderful was that? I hope everyone gets a chance to participate sometime. The next one won’t happen until March 17, 2017 in preparation for the March 25th publication date, but last night was a blast!

A lot of you showed up to play, both during the event and at strange and odd hours (for me, I was asleep) after the event. Thank you all for hanging out.

There are winners! Thirteen of you were chosen by my handy-dandy random name picker. I’ve heard back from most of the winners, so YAY!

Congratulations to everyone.

Tote / Signed paperback copy of Book 15
Diana Long
Jacque Webb
Janet Ferguson

Ebook copy of Book 15
Julie Cavanaugh
Becky Hill-Cunningham
Paula Holmes Allaire
Corrine Starkey

Bonnie LumleyEllen Dail Johnson

Lia Federico
Catherine Hall

$10 Amazon Gift cards
Barb Sanders
Nicole Beardmore

Frogs, Gift cards and mugs will be shipped this week. Ebooks will be delivered as soon as I have a link and Totes / paperbacks will be shipped as soon as the books arrive in my hot little hands.

You are all so supportive of this wild and crazy thing that I get to do and I appreciate you more than I will ever be able to tell you … but I can give things away as often as possible and that is so much fun for me!

Now … back to editing. Gotta keep tuning these words up.

Book 15 – Capture the Moments – will be published on September 25th. If you’ve signed up for the newsletter, you’ll receive the link at 6 am for download. Then you can all start bugging me for the next book, which, by the way, will be published December 25th. YAY!

Thank you, thank you!


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