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Red Pens and Cute Cats

img_6203It was a dark and stormy night …

Wrong tense. It IS a dark and stormy night. It’s awesome! I love the sound of rain on the roof; the rush of wind as it whips the trees around in the meadow and the rumbles of thunder in the sky. The storm has washed much of the humidity and heat out of the atmosphere and I’m a very happy girl. There will be sleep for me tonight.

But before that, I’m busy! One of the steps in the process is to red-pen a printed copy of the manuscript. It reads differently on paper than it does on the screen. Isn’t that crazy? I find all sorts of changes to make.

The cats aren’t terribly fond of my hunkering in to work phases. I don’t pay enough attention to them, as evidenced by Grey helping me in the picture. Whenever one of the cats gets close enough for snuggling, I stop and take time with them. How could I not? Look at that face. She’s serious about getting my attention and I’m glad to give it to her.

There isn’t much else going on tonight. Between now and 6 pm tomorrow night (are you coming to the Wine & Trivia party on Facebook? Be there or be square), I will have mapped out the trivia questions for the party, hopefully finished more sewing and gotten a good chunk of editing finished. We’re in non-stop crazy mode for the next couple of weeks. It’s my favorite!

Okay, I’d love to hang out and tell you all sorts of stories tonight, but there’s one that needs my attention, so I’m going back to it. Do you realize how close we’re getting? I can hardly wait!


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