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But Mom Said to Never Lie

We all need extra security for our phones.
We all need extra security for our phones.

Digital security has created monsters out of more people than ever before, because it’s so easy to make money by cheating and remain anonymous.

I know you don’t need one more person telling you what to do to better protect yourself, but this article showed up in my feed today:

Hackers Messed With the Wrong Guy

It’s a short read, but what really impacted me was the helpful hints at the bottom of the article:

  1. Turn off the automatic public Wi-Fi connectivity on your device. I’ve done that already. If you haven’t – you should.
  2.  THIS ONE MADE ME TWITCH. When you’re asked to respond to security questions, for pete’s sake, LIE! What? Lie? Me? Well, duh. Now you’ll need to use something that you will remember, but lie.Lying never occurred to me. When someone asks me a question, I automatically tell the truth – unless I’ve told myself previously that I need to lie. And this is why cheaters win, because most of us are so programmed to tell the truth. How easy is it for someone to discover our mother’s maiden name? Lie, for heaven’s sake.
  3. Turn off Wi-Fi immediately if you’re in public and think you’ve been hacked. It seems so obvious again, but we have become programmed to rely on the internet. Just turn it off and then start dealing with your world when you get back to safe wi-fi.

These days, digital safety is all about not trusting other people … and lying. It’s not an easy thing to do when you’re a good person.

We have to think about it, though.

And that, my friends, is my month’s PSA. I’m off to change up some security questions out there.


In Bellingwood … I’m planning for another vignette this week, AND I’m sketching away on a layout for the Bell House. It may not be ready by the time Book 15 – Capture the Moments is out, but it’s coming!



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