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My Brain has a Mind of its Own

You just have to feel sorry for poor TB. He is so abused by me. But trust me, I had the camera ready to go. This wasn't going to last long. Does he not look long-suffering here?
You just have to feel sorry for poor TB. He is so abused by me. But trust me, I had the camera ready to go. This wasn’t going to last long. Does he not look long-suffering here?

Are you as nutty as I am?

So, for the last two weeks as I busted my tail writing and then editing and re-writing and editing … my house went to pot. I just watched things deteriorate around me and was fine with it.

Fork lying on the floor? Ain’t got time to pick that up, the only thing I have time for is getting to the bathroom. Empty juice bottles and cans piling up on the dining room table? The only reason I’m even here is to grab more water and go back to work. Trash can full? Nope. I’m filling the cat’s water or putting food down for them and back to work.

So there was that.

On Saturday, everything was different. I didn’t have any big projects with deadlines. I took the day off (hmm, that may have been Friday).

Did I pick the fork up or deal with the bottles and cans? Did I wash dishes or empty trash or do anything else? Nope.

I whined about heat and humidity, I managed through a wrenched back (apparently my body does NOT like sitting in the same chair all day while I work), but did I do anything terribly productive? I ordered some fabric. You know … Christmas presents and all (because I definitely do not have enough fabric in the house – sigh). I sewed up the beginnings of a couple of quilt tops.

Then an editing job arrived late Tuesday evening. Okay, I’ll start on this. I worked hard on it all Wednesday. Guess what, I could justify the mess around here again. Whee! But where had those three (or four) days of not doing much gone? Yep … as distant as the far-off mountains.

Today, I started back to work on the editing project. Every single thing in the world crept into my mind and told me that it needed to be taken care of – right now. I couldn’t focus.

Off I went to empty the trash, wash the dishes, clear the table, start a loaf of bread in the machine, prepare food for the next few days, clean the litter box (okay, I clean it once a week – it’s a Scoop Free, I take care of the kids). Where was all of this hard work ethic at when I had plenty of time?

Oh, that’s right … I have no freakin’ idea! Today my mind is racing with plot lines for Book 16 – oh, and three hundred thousand OTHER projects that I want to write. NOW is when I know exactly what I want to sew and create with all of that fabric in my stash.

I’m such a dork. I’ll quietly and steadily work on the editing project in my now, much-cleaner house. I won’t approach the sewing machine or other random creative things that I clearly want to be doing. I will get back to work on the project I’ve taken responsibility for. But seriously, Diane?

I work better under deadline and with multiple things looming over my head.

Seriously. I need a keeper. I think what I really want is a robot that will do what I program it to do. It will need to drive and make choices at the grocery store, be pleasant to the gal at the post office, burn my cardboard, make meals, clean toilets, go to the laundromat, pack boxes, take dictation. All of this at the same time, please. Where is the future when I need it?


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