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Joy is Like …

hqdefaultWhen I was much younger (junior high / high school), my father discovered the Medical Mission Sisters. I suspect he’d known about them for a long time, but he fell in love with some of the simple songs written by Sister Miriam Therese. We sang these songs in our youth group, in church … everywhere.

One of his favorites was “Joy is Like the Rain.” (Click on the title for a YouTube link).

I saw rain drops on my window, Joy is like the rain.
Laughter runs across my pane, Slips away and comes again.
Joy is like the rain.

I saw clouds upon a mountain, Joy is like a cloud.
Sometimes silver, sometimes gray, Always sun not far away.
Joy is like a cloud.

I saw Christ in wind and thunder, Joy is tried by storm.
Christ asleep within my boat, Whipped by wind, yet still afloat,
Joy is tried by storm.

I saw rain drops on a river, Joy is like the rain,
Bit by bit the river grows, ’til all at once it overflows.
Joy is like the rain.

Read the lyrics a few times and let the song dig in. Because you know what? This is a perfect description.

It’s good to be reminded of simple things.


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