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Busy, Busy, Busy

I don't care what you're doing. I'm bored. Play with me!
I don’t care what you’re doing. I’m bored. Play with me!

I just scheduled the newsletter for tomorrow morning’s delivery. I can hardly wait for you to read it! If you haven’t signed up, you can do so right over there to the right of this post.

Of course there’s a vignette … I might have been working something out in that one. Whoops! Haha.

AND … there will be a title and cover reveal. Oh yeah, baby, I’ve been working like a fiend this last week.

There is so much that happens when I’m in the middle of a book. I swear, I need a keeper! The house is going to pot, I really don’t have a lot of food here. Fortunately, Amazon delivered a Prime Pantry box yesterday so I have things to drink (read: caffeine). The cats have plenty of food – yay me. Good mom!

By the time I’m finished writing a book, I have acknowledged so many continuity issues that I just know for certain the book is total crap. I’m positive of that. It happens with every single book.

I’m nearly finished with my first edit of this thing and am fixing issues one after another and I realize that oh, it’s not that bad. Every once in a while, I chuckle and think … that was kind of funny. Sometimes I cry because the characters are aching with pain and I realize that the book is actually going to be okay.

And the characters? Oh, I have a couple of flipping cuties that are introduced in this book. And one new character, though minor, just cracks me up.

Pretty sure I have enough food (oh don’t worry too much, I have a pantry filled with food – I just don’t have the time to invest in making meals – see, a keeper!) to get me through until Friday afternoon. Otherwise, it will be a most excellent diet.

I need to get back to Bellingwood. Sirens are coming through town and Polly’s phone just rang. Yeah. Gonna leave you with that.


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