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Weather – Bah

From December 2013. TB finally got to go out in the snow. He liked it.
From December 2013. TB finally got to go out in the snow. He liked it.

Remember when we were younger and we laughed at our fathers for watching The Weather Channel for hours on end?

Was that just my father?

Sheesh. I don’t watch the television channel, but I certainly have the weather website bookmarked. I’m there all the time, checking out what’s going on in my little corner of the world. It all started when I was traveling in the middle of the winter. I’d never been so obsessed with Mother Nature’s attitude before. And then … it became a habit. I can hardly control myself. What’s the temperature? The wind speeds? The humidity? And the dew point? I can not even begin to name a time in my life prior to these last five years when I even knew what that was, much less cared. But I care now! Oh, somebody stop me.

Nah, don’t bother. I’ll just be back fretting over it tomorrow.

August is what I like to call the mid-February of summer. You know, that period of time when it’s the ugliest part of the season. We’ve been through all of the cold / heat we want to put up with and yet the season continues to be relentless. We know that it’s going to warm up / cool down pretty soon and can hardly wait. Every miserable day just reminds us that it’s still summer and every glorious day taunts us by being much too short. As dry and crackly as mid-winter is, the humidity of mid-summer chokes us in its grasp.

As look at the coming forecast shows fewer ugly-hot days (any day over 90 degrees), but not quite those crisp glorious fall days that give us a reason for living.

Of course, for those pessimists among us, autumn only means that roads will soon be icy and snow-packed, temps will fall below zero and we’ll have to pile on layers and layers of clothing just to walk outside.

But you know, I’m forever thankful to live in a part of the world that experiences every season, even if I get weary of two of them long before they’re finished. Yeah. If spring and fall could both show up a month earlier, that’d be great. I yearn for the warmth and humidity of summer as winter continues to throw snow and cold at me. And right now I find myself yearning for the biting, fresh air of winter.

I think that both of those yearning are good for me. Kind of like my life. I am always yearning for change and for fresh new ideas and thoughts to fill me up. I am so very content and satisfied with the fact that I do live and experience the four seasons, but I don’t want to stay in them forever. Even spring and fall would grow old if that’s all we knew. I love the fresh growth of spring, but I also enjoy the maturity that summer brings to nature. I love the colors of autumn, but I also am grateful for winter’s sleep that allows nature to rest.

The weather website will be one of my first checks now for the rest of my life. I can’t help my curiosity about what happens outside. We have little control over any of it, but I will also be fascinated


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