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Time for a Giveaway

Part 1

This has been a grumpy week for me. I’m seriously tired of people. That’s funny because I’m a hermit.

I also believe that I’m so ding-donged tired of heat and humidity I want to scream bloody murder. Drippy hot stuff makes this old lady-chick cranky.

One of the things I’ve learned over a lifetime of managing my emotions is that when I get like this, the best thing I can do for myself is do something for someone else.

Lucky you.

Part 2

A friend wondered if I could make a smaller version of my tote bag. Even before I knew how it would happen, I said yes. Then came the task of figuring it out.

That required test bags.

Lucky you.

IMG_6070Here’s the deal …

I can make as many tote bags as I’d ever need, so what should I do with these?

Give them away, of course.

There will be two winners and each of you will win a tote bag as well as a signed paperback copy of any of the fourteen books that have already been published – your choice.

Lucky you.

To enter …

Write a comment on either this post on the FB Bellingwood page or here on this blog post and tell me something wonderful about your best friend. Tell me about your spouse, your child, your sibling, your pet, your friend. Once you’ve told me, be sure to tell them, too.

Hopefully there will be so many comments, I won’t have time to respond to them (gotta finish writing a book this weekend!), but I can hardly wait to read them.

Maybe you aren’t having a grumpy week; maybe yours has been glorious, but sometimes we all need to think about someone else and why they are so terrific. Read through the stories that are posted and smile!

You have until Sunday, August 21 at noon to write your comment. I will enter all of your names into my handy-dandy random name chooser and come up with two winners, then announce them in a quick post here and on Facebook.

Thanks for being such a great community.


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