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It's always the weekend for TB. He says 'hey there, cutie pie.'
It’s always the weekend for TB. He says ‘hey there, cutie pie.’

It is really hard to focus on anything when my heart is all caught up in Olympic swimmers and their races. I was able to focus on my sewing during the USA / China basketball game and the USA / France Women’s Soccer game. Let’s see, I’ve watched table tennis, water polo, some beach volleyball and even a little judo. I’m in heaven! Complete and utter heaven. The best part was that a friend helped me get even more Olympic coverage. I may never come up for air. It’s a good thing I set in supplies earlier this week.

Do you wait for weekends with bated breath? I thought that I was past those days. I write every day of the week, so weekends don’t really mean much to me personally. But it’s funny. There is still an incredible sense of peace and relaxation that arrives with the close of business on Friday afternoon. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that everyone else slows down and I pick that up, but Saturdays are always different than Mondays.

When I worked a normal, forty-hour week, Friday nights / Saturday mornings were when I took the opportunity to be creative. I stayed up until three in the morning, writing stories, doing whatever I could to stretch out the beginning of the weekend. Now I just stay up until those early morning hours because that’s become the most productive time of my day.

My sister’s post made me laugh this morning. She had gotten out of bed, mowed her lawn, cleaned, played with her dogs and was settling in to work on planning for the upcoming school year (Carol is a fifth grade teacher). What kind of a crazy day off is that?

Do you work your weekends away, taking care of everything you don’t get handled during the week, or do you treat your Saturdays as a day off, reading in a hammock; playing with your family and / or pets, camp, anything.

How much do you love the weekend?


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