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Machines and Fabric and Threads, Oh My!

First of all, Book 14 – Reflecting Love’s Charms is now available. You can go straight to Amazon to purchase it by clicking on the book’s cover. I’m pretty excited about having this finished. During the weeks leading up to publication, my mind is set

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Lessons from a Lanyard

One of my favorite times of the day (I have many, this is just one of them) is found in the moments between waking up and crawling out of bed. I often extend that time because my mind is working out a problem or a

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Bellingwood Vignette – Book 14, #3

I spend a lot of time in Bellingwood and though I generally write from Polly’s perspective, there is an entire community that lives on, even when she isn’t paying attention. Sometimes, they rise up and let me know that there is something going on, so

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