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What a great day.

After days of gray skies, sunshine ripped through the clouds and charged my Vitamin D batteries right up. All three cats spent the day moving around, holding on to sunbeams as long as they could. I found Earl perched on top of the coffee pot so he could look out the kitchen window. Grey wasn’t too far away. She’d found a sunbeam in a tiny space left beside my toaster. The poor thing had braced herself into that spot, her front legs draped over the counter. I did the only thing I could. I moved the toaster.

After the excitement of spraying water the other night, Jeremy came out Friday afternoon and fixed my world. Not only did he fix the broken pipe, he dealt with many other plumbing issues that I’d just let hang out there. I’m the daughter of a Methodist pastor. Whenever we moved into a parsonage, we adapted to whatever it handed us. I became quite good at it throughout my life. I’m odd. The surface of my living space isn’t all that important to me. I create a work space that fits my needs, but after that, all I want is for things to work. Oh. And I like lots of fabric around me. Blankets, quilts, pillows, curtains, more blankets and maybe a few more pillows. Anyway – all of that to say – once things work well, I’m content.

Today, I’m content.

Jamie is such a Greenwood in this picture - taken in late 1964.
Jamie is such a Greenwood in this picture – taken in late 1964.

This afternoon I finished the first edit of another book from my brother. It’s nothing like either of the two other series that he’s written. I’m so proud of him. He keeps branching out and he does a great job with all of it. This is an urban paranormal mystery and it’s fun. That’s all I will say until he’s ready to give you more information.

You may not see the connection in all of the things I just wrote about, but it’s there. In about thirty-six hours, the Midwest is supposed to get slammed with a blizzard. Not just snow, but snow and huge amounts of wind. With plenty of warning, we have time to set in supplies and be prepared. I’m going into town tomorrow to pick up mail and a few groceries and then, I’m cracking a bottle of wine. Hmmm, wine … writing. There might be a party at Beryl’s house.

With every other snowstorm that has come, I’ve been stressed. I need to travel or do something or go somewhere. The thing is, I love a good blizzard. Just not when I need to be out in it. I’m enough of a hermit that I like being stuck in the cabin anyway. This is just one more opportunity for me to watch the snow swirl around and tuck my head back under the blankets.

Are you preparing for the Midwest storm or are you out of its path this time? Whatever your weather, I hope that you are able to sit back and enjoy the days as they pass. One of the things that bothered me most about my excitement for the storm was that I was overlooking the absolutely gorgeous days that had arrived for the weekend.

I found this wonderful picture of TB and my dachshund, Leica. Taken in 2011.
I found this wonderful picture of TB and my dachshund, Leica. Taken in 2011.

Long, long ago (seriously, I was in junior high – it was forever ago), I listened as a preacher reminded us to focus on the moment and not always look forward to the next great thing or worry about what was coming. He encouraged us not to waste so much time looking ahead that we forgot what the present was offering to us.

I have a tendency to wait for days and events that are stressful to pass and then lose track of the moments that were happening while I waited. It’s something I’ve been working on my entire life.

Now, as for this blizzard, maybe I’d better make sure there is wine chilling. Hmmm, chocolate chip cookies and homemade bread. I’ll get those started, too.


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