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Home for the Holidays – Short Story

Book 12 100 dpiThese last few months have been absolutely insane. Writing Book 12 – Out of the Shadows was wonderful, but when I was finished, the characters weren’t.

There was one more story that needed to be written and for the first time, it was simply that … a story about Polly and her family. There is no mystery, no murder … just family at the holidays.

My wonderful beta readers received it not long after sending back their changes for Book 12 and even though I put them in a time crunch with their own family holidays, they were able to help me out. I’ve pushed this story out pretty quickly, though.

I will never write fast enough to keep up with your ravenous appetites. For a girl who is driven to succeed, to work hard and to please her customers, my deep, dark insane space in my head keeps pushing me. I am already a terrible work-aholic.

Just so you know – this year, I plan to stick to my schedule for Bellingwood books. You will receive a new book each quarter of 2016: March 25, June 25, September 25, and December 25. Short stories will happen randomly. I had no idea that this one was coming up, but then, there it was and it needed to be written.

Home for the Holidays 100 dpiI’m desperate to put my hands to other stories. There are so many interesting characters that live in my mind and I want to give them breath. I’m hoping to dig into those further this year as well.

This is going to be a fabulous year. I can hardly wait to see what happens and I’m so glad that you are all part of it. Thank you.

And now for the fun – there’s a new short story called “Home for the Holidays” available today on Amazon. Click the book cover for the link and enjoy!


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