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Wine & Trivia Night Success!

20150918_145448What a wonderful evening we had. More than 120 of you stopped in at least for a minute. Thank you! I had a blast.

We have winners! I copied the names from each post, entered that list into a random name picker (online) and voila … winners! Here is a list of the questions, answers, prizes, and winners. I will head over to Facebook and notify you on each of your comments.

Please send me an email or a private message with your mailing address if you’ve won.

In the case of mug winners, please tell me which of the three mugs you’d like to have.

In the case of ebooks, I need an email address from you.

Paperback copies won’t mail for a couple of weeks because of the time it takes for them to be printed and shipped to me.

Congratulations and thank you all!

Question 1: What drink was Andy serving when Lydia invited friends to meet and get to know Polly? (Book 1)
Chocolate martini
Prizes: Teal Frogs
Shelly Epert McKee
Jacque Barry Webb

Question 2: What is the name of the Randall’s dog (Doug’s family)? (Book 1)
Junior – Frank Sinatra
Prizes: Mugs
Marie Harness
Carla Marie Montfort

Question 3: Henry’s family home is on what street in Bellingwood? (Book 2)
Prizes: Paperback copy of Book 11
Paula Holmes Allaire
Julie Cavanaugh

Question 4: What is the name of the restaurant in Ames that Polly never gets to eat at? And what type of food do they serve?
Hickory Park
Prizes: Ebook copy of Book 11
Naomi Hymes Sellers
Sheila Deuell Hill

Question 5: In book 3, Sal tells the story of Polly helping a cute classmate. Who was the author that she tried to help him study? (Book 3)
Henry James
Prizes: Green Frogs
Corrine Starkey
Annette Kamlay

Question 6: What is the name of the dog who hangs out in the Boone bookstore? (Book 4+)
Prize: Star Wars Apron
Amanda Kerner

Question 7: What is Anita’s steampunk name? (Book 5)
Claire Astlebury
Prizes: Max prints
Sue Haskell McCreary
Denise Chamberlain

Question 8: What is the name of the video game that the kids play all the time?
Sword Lords
Prizes: Mugs
Tami Harper
Michele Hollenback Hicks

Question 9: What vegetable sandwich did Polly’s caregiver, Mary, feed her when she was a child? (Book 7)
Radish sandwiches
Prizes: Paperback copy of Book 11
Catherine Hall
Julie Cavanaugh

Question 10: Sam and Jean Gardner have a basset hound. What’s his name? (Book 8)
Prizes: Ebook copy of Book 11
Mary Holmstead Vaterlaus
Christine Broadston

Question 11: Which flavor of ice cream cone did Polly and Lydia discover they both liked best? (Short Story Book 1)
Twist Cone at Dairy Queen – Chocolate and Vanilla
Prizes: Rosey Frogs
Jo Thompson
Christina Asp Mike


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