Home of the Bellingwood Series – Nammynools

Bellingwood Vignette – Book 11, #03

Home Is Where the Heart Is “Get off, you furry beast,” Beryl grumped. She lifted Miss Kitty from her stomach and put her down on the bed beside the pillow. “What time is it anyway?” The cat made one more attempt to crawl back into

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Wine & Trivia Night Success!

What a wonderful evening we had. More than 120 of you stopped in at least for a minute. Thank you! I had a blast. We have winners! I copied the names from each post, entered that list into a random name picker (online) and voila

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Are You Ready to Party?

As I drove back from Boone this afternoon (yep, waved at Bellingwood. I can’t help myself, it’s the Bellingwood corner and I’m the only person around who knows that!)… Anyway, as I was driving past golden rows of corn and beans, hoping to beat the

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