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Welcome to September

This month of September is going to be fun! There is so much going on, I’m numbering the events. Don’t lose track!

1. First and foremost, Book 11 (still need a title and cover) will be published on September 25. At this point, that phrase needs a followup – “come hell or high water” for many reasons. But it will be published on time. I’m in love with the new characters that have been introduced and can’t wait for you to meet them.

Bellingwood Wine & Trivia Night (1)2. Secondly, September 18 (one week prior to publication), we are having another Wine & Trivia Night on the Facebook Bellingwood page. Lots of prizes, a little wine in Diane (and anyone else who wants to join me), and some insane conversation. It’s hard to keep up with y’all, but I give it my best shot. Join us from 6 – 11 pm CDT.

I encourage you to join us on the Facebook Bellingwood page. That’s where all of the fun happens. I can hardly express how much I love you all. From contests, to ridiculous statements and rotten / mean teasers while I’m writing, it’s about me finding ways to get to know you better. And while we’re at it, if you get to know each other – you have no idea how wonderful that is for me. If I could connect all of my friends that are in the world to each other, I’d be a happy, happy girl.

Anyway … moving on.

3. Labor Day Weekend. I will give away four (4!!!) bean bag frogs. You have to be on the FB page to join in (and live in the US – shipping costs out of the country are ridiculous. I hate that reality and wish it were different).

Books in the WildHere’s the contest:
Take pictures of any Bellingwood book cover – either on your Kindle or using a paperback.

Take four different pictures and make sure the cover is in each of them: 1) when you’re eating out or cooking / grilling / whatever you come up with that has to do with food; 2) with your transportation (car, bike, trike, motorcycle, running shoes, skates, horse … whatever; 3) with your best friend – whether it be human or animal; and 4) some place fun – at the beach, your back yard, your pillow, top of a mountain – any place.

Just remember, a Bellingwood book cover needs to be in the picture.

For each of the four pictures you post, you’ll get an entry into the contest. How cool is that? (Just so we’re clear here, you will only get one entry for a food picture, one entry for a transpo pic, etc., Four different pictures of the cover with food won’t count. Make sense?)

20150329_185613Don’t start posting the pictures yet. I will announce the fun on Friday evening, September 4th on Facebook. You post your pictures as comments in that announcement before Monday evening, September 7th. I will choose winners on Tuesday, September 8th.

4. Happy Birthday to Diane! My birthday is September 8th and I’m going to do another froggie giveaway. Early Tuesday morning, I will put a post up on the Facebook Bellingwood page and all you have to do is have fun. If you comment on that post with a fun birthday meme or picture or something silly, I will choose two MORE winners for birthday frogs.


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