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Creativity Friday – #3

20150522_141035How many of you are starting to feel the release that summer brings? Vacations are being planned, kids are excited to be out of school, the weather makes it easier to be anywhere but inside the house. Everything changes!

So what have you been working on lately? Gardens? Kids crafts? Graduation, wedding, baby gifts? There are so many things that you do to show off your creativity. I’ll bet there are things you do that you don’t even realize others would envy. Do you bake glorious goodies or create fantastic meals?

You know … my mom was a great cook, but when she made a meal she wasn’t sure we’d like, out came the china, the candles and the sterling silver. She could set a beautiful table. It took a while for us to realize what she was doing.

There are so many different creative talents that I envy. I can’t make a garden come alive to save my own life … no matter how hard I try. I love colorful gardens and I love wonderful vegetable gardens. We moved into Sigourney and followed a woman who had an immense garden in the back yard. And she planted it before she moved!! That first summer was … well … hell. The three of us kids had to be outside every day weeding her immense garden, because Mom wasn’t going to let it die. We had glorious vegetables that year and then … we were done. Mom had fought so hard with us to keep us going and she didn’t want to do the work either – the next year, nothing. Fortunately, the church decided that a beautiful new addition needed to be built in that space and all of our guilt went away.

IloveyouThis week’s prize book by Rebecca B is one of my favorites! “I Love You More” describes creative ways to express love. It’s so much fun. Kids love to have you read to them – and reading about how you love them more than moustaches on goats or puppies with wrinkles would be fantastic!

This week my sketch is sitting on top of a pile of new fabric that just came in. From Daleks to Cornhuskers, Hawkeyes to teachers, I have plans for it all. I can hardly wait to dig in. My goodness, but I love to sew. I don’t know that my sketching is getting any better, but that really wasn’t the purpose for this. I really want to just make sure that all of my brain cells are firing on a regular basis, so I’ll stretch ’em out with things that make me uncomfortable!

Time to share your creativity! Comment on this post over on the FB Bellingwood page with a picture of what you’re working on – from the kitchen to the craft room to the great outdoors. Whatever it is that shows off your creativity. And … if you posted in the last couple of weeks and didn’t win – try, try again! There’s no reason not to!


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