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Exercising New Brain Cells

I wish that somewhere along the line, my extremely artistic mother would have spent more time with me helping me to become a better artist. That’s a regret. But she didn’t and at this point, the regret is complete silliness, nothing I can do about it. I envy people who can take images from their mind and bring them to reality. SO MUCH!

One of my favorite illustrators is Rebecca B. Her little characters and stories for children are wonderful. I love watching her stories come alive as she draws. So today … on the Facebook Bellingwood page, I hope you will all share something that you have been creatively creating this last week. I don’t care what medium you use (no photography yet – that’s a June thing – trust me, you’ll be glad you waited), I just want to see what you’re doing. Whether you’re in the middle of a project, have something completed, or are just starting out … take a quick picture of it and post it in the comment section of this post over on Facebook. If you can figure out how to do it here, that will count as well.

On Saturday afternoon, I will randomly select one person who has posted a comment with a picture of their work to win a signed copy of Rebecca B’s “Trini Bee” (click the title to see the Amazon description).

PictureWe’ll be doing this all through the month of May, so you have multiple chances to win a copy of her books. If this stirs you into doing something fun and creative – AWESOME. If it’s just a chance to show off some of the fun things you create – even better!

Picture 2Now … I told you that I’m sketching / doodling / drawing this month. I am NOT an artist. Not by any stretch of the imagination. The worst thing? I find myself annoyed that it takes so long to actually put this all together. Apparently, I’m really not an artist. But it makes different parts of my brain work and that’s good for me, so I will stick with it this month and see what I come up with. I’m willing to show my lame attempts to you – and please don’t feel that you have to tell me how good they are. It’s okay. I don’t have to be great at this. All that matters is that I’m doing something. I’m also not looking for artistic help / advice / critique. For all of you who look and see how bad my perspective is … that’s cool. Hush.

I have this awesome journal that I write in every day. There’s a lot of space in this thing for all sorts of creativity, so I’m using the non-journal pages to sketch and draw. But that’s the background that you’re seeing.

Now, show me what you’re doing!


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