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Post-Writing Randomness

Well, Book 10 is written. The first draft is finished and now comes the hard work … the re-writes. I introduced a character that I don’t particularly need, so he needs to come out. But that’s okay, he’s unimportant in the whole scheme of things.

Because I normally go through a bit of depression after I finish a book, I started right away on Book 11. The first chapter is written and the new character has been introduced. He’s starting to develop in my mind, so I’m looking forward to exploring what he’s up to.

My to-do list has exploded in the last couple of days. Everything from writing to sewing, to designing promotional things, creating giveaways and shipping. I have a little desk / table that I need to get built for the front porch … because it’s spring and I should be as close to the outside as I can get without actually being in the middle of bugs and rain and other critters that make me shudder.

IMG_2797Thunder, rainstorms and sunshine have combined to push central Iowa into the heart of springtime. Everything is so lush and green, rivers are swollen, color is exploding. People are anticipating summer vacations, my teacher friends can hardly wait for the end of the school year, the campgrounds are starting to fill on the weekends. In another month or so, they’ll even be full during the weeks. This afternoon I passed a field full of sheep … and lambs! Oh, the sweetest little lambies toddling around on their little legs.

Iowa farmers are planting. Black dirt! Really black dirt. Believe it or not, a person once asked if farmers injected black die into the dirt here. This is some of the richest farm ground in the country and it’s fun to watch the land come alive in the spring.

It’s Thursday and tomorrow we’re going to have fun with visual arts over on the FB Bellingwood page … join us with anything fun that you’re working on … even if (especially if) you’re learning something new! Trust me, my sketches and doodles aren’t anything to turn over to the Guggenheim, but I’ll share anyway.


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